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Treating Everone Like and Elite Athlete

At Sports Medicine of Atlanta, everyone can receive the highest level of care that competitive athletes demand.

Treating the cause no only the symptoms

Evaluations are conducted and diagnoses established that identify the cause of the orthopaedic, movement-related problems so that interventions can be directed at resolving the causative factors, not just the symptoms.

creating a renaissance experience

SportsMedicine of Atlanta is a direct access, multidisciplinary, specialty primary health care center that provides consumers in the greater Atlanta area access to unique and specialized neuromusculoskeletal care from a movement science perspective.

At SportsMedicine of Atlanta, state of the art diagnostics, interventions, preventative measures, performance enhancement, and wellness programs are all integrated to give you what you deserve - the best possible care.

Sports Medicine of Atlanta now also offers a variety of products to maximize your health, wellness, and performance in our new Online Marketplace.

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