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Sports Medicine Services

The clinicians at Sports Medicine of Atlanta are highly experienced in the assessment and treatment of sports and orthopedic injuries, with expert knowledge of biomechanics, tissue pathology and healing. They carry out thorough assessment, treatment and rehabilitation for all musculoskeletal injuries.

For complaints including:
  Overuse injuries and stress fractures
  Muscle tears, tendon and ligament sprains
  Knee, ankle and foot injuries
  Shoulder injuries, tennis/golfer elbow, hand and wrist pain

Focus on your Rehabilitation

In order to identify the cause of movement-related problem, evaluations are performed and diagnoses established to direct the course of interventions.  Custom rehabilitation programs are then developed to get you back to your sport as soon as possible.  

As a primary health care center, our clinical scientists coordinate the necessary care to be received by each client, so as to maximize his or her potential in recovery and/or enhancement of movement performance.