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Professionalism: The Doctoring Profession



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Seminar Description: Applicable to all practice settings, this seminar’s attendees will discuss physical therapist professionalism, their roles and responsibilities in the latest delivery models of practice. This seminar will provide the underlying rationale for recent and pending evolutionary changes effecting physical therapy practice. This seminar will also expound upon the most essential responsibilities of physical therapists – Differential Diagnosis and the recognition of co-morbid medical conditions. The APTA’s Guide to Physical Therapist Practice will be applied to real world clinical practice and direct access case scenarios as related to current aspects of evidence-based and “best practice” algorithms. The necessary philosophy for physical therapists’ expanded role as diagnosticians and the marketing strategies required to promote and advocate for the autonomous model of care will be presented.

Instructor: Robert DuVall, PT, DHSc, MMSc, ATC, OCS, SCS, FAAOMPT, MTC, PCC, CSCS

Learning Objectives: 

  • Discuss society’s need for an autonomous professional authority of the neuro-musculoskeletal system.
  • Discuss the merits and liabilities of physical therapy services being provided by doctoral prepared professionals.
  • Discuss the structural pillars of APTA’s 2020 Vision Statement as it applies to contemporary physical therapy
  • Discuss the significance and responsibility of differential diagnosis of movement impairments within physical therapy practice.
  • Discuss the role and responsibility of medical screening of co-morbid conditions within physical therapy practice.
  • Discuss the role and responsibility of prognosis within physical therapy practice.
  • Discuss the professional merits and responsibilities of Outcome accountability.
  • Discuss the relationship between autonomous practice and brick-and-mortar and body-of- knowledge ownership.
  • Discuss ownership variables as related to the provisions of physical therapy services.
  • Discuss the clinical relevance and educational preparation issues to possess competencies in imaging, pharmacology, laboratory testing, and specialist referral.
  • Given referral-based and direct access patient case scenarios, discuss effective advocacy for the patient and the physical therapy profession.
  • Discuss effective marketing and reimbursement strategies related to existing and future models of autonomous physical therapy practice.

Registration Fee: Negotiable

Seminar Notes:

  • This seminar can be approved as needed for your local jurisdiction. Seminar length can be individually tailored to satisfy individual needs such as a short Commencement Address, or as an 8 or 12 hour Continuing Education Seminar.


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